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About us

We love Fossane, and we would like you to experience this place as well. We moved to Fossane in May 2020, we finallyt found our place to be. We are dutch and moved to Norway in 2006 with our two daughters. We have done a lot of things and we take with us lots of experience from our jobs into Fossane. So when you visit Fossane you will meet one of us:

It is Janneke, you will meet when you arrive at Fossane. I will warmly welcome you as a guest to Fossane. With my background within biology, tourism and museum I hope to make you feel welcome in our unique traditional rental houses in the southwest of Norway.

Martijn is responsible for the renewable energy supply from our waterpower station. Martijn is a biologist and you will often find him on his knees, with his nose near some kind of exciting plant.

Juul is our oldest daughter. She is studying educational sciences, and studies to become a teacher. When she is at Fossane she steps in where she is needed and she will gladly welcome you and give you advice about all the activities you can initiate during your stay.

Noor, our youngest daughter, just began her studies in Nijmegen in the Netherlands. When she is at home at Fossane you will find her in a boat on the lake or in the grass with our dog Vikki.

Vikki is our farm dog and always to be found around the farm She really likes to get attention from our guests and wants to be everybodies friend. Vikki is a border collie and is 13 years old but she often still acts like a puppy.

Our housecat Malin is almost always found near our house. She is a little hesistant to people but she loves attention in the same way as our dog Vikki does. When you try to pet her she sure will be your friend. She is also the one that keeps the mouses away here at Fossane. During the night she is often on a hunt, during the day she is sleeping in her basket.

Sheep living at Fossane. In wintertime they are in the stable, in summertime they are out in the mountains, eating. What a life.

At Fossane we have four hens and one cock. The cock is taking good care of the hens. Every day is a happy day when we find eggs. 

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