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There are activities for everyone 
Fishing coalfish
Independent of who you are, you'll find something to do while at Fossane. You can of course choose to relax in a couch with a good book, but you've also got the opportunity to take part in other activities on the farm.

Skiing in the mountains
You can help run the farm, fish in rivers, lakes or in the ocean, go swimming or go for a walk in our beautiful nature. Use the icons to the left to find out more.

There is something to both summer and winter. With the right conditions you can ski or toboggan right outside your front door, or you can cross-country around the countryside.

The city centres of Stavanger and Sandnes are just one and a half hour away by car if you want more urban activities. If you start in the morning, you can also go to Bergen or Haugesund and back in one day.