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 Fossane Minikraftverk  
The power plant
Fossane Minikraftverk sold its first unit of energy to its customers on January 15 2001.

The hydroelectric power plant is now running in old power plant premises, after several years of planning and half a year of high-activity building.

This is not a new idea on the farm. Between 1950 and 1975 Kari's father ran a powerplant which supplied half the farms in the area with electricity through its own network.

Today the two induction (asynchronous) generators has an effect of roughly 150 kW. This is supplied via the network of Lyse Energi, and sold directly to our own customers. With our 1,3 GWh (1,3 million kWh) energy production per year we can supply about 40 farms and households.

Sven Egil Sørensen turning on the water supply
Fossane borders to a waterfall which is part of the river Tøtlandsåna, so half the rights of the fall belongs to the farm. The other half is leased from our 4 neighbours on the other side.

Tøtlandsåna is a part of the river Vormo. This is a protected river, so The Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate (NVE) put forward several conditions. At any given time, one can't use more than 15% of the average river flow of 4200 L/s, and the river flow can not go below 500 L/s.