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Welcome to Fossane  
The farm Fossane is legally identified as gardsnummer 39, bruksnummer 6, 9 and 12. The farm is run by Kari og Sven Egil Sørensen.

Fossane has about 20 acres of fields with fodder, as well as 10 acres of grazing fields. We also have large common areas together with other farmers in the mountains of Vormedalen. Fossane has appr. 120 acres of forest. There are about 100 sheep on the farm.

Milk production was a major income source until the spring of 2000, when there was a voluntary dairy buy-out in Norway. The holiday houses has been a new niche throughout the 90s, and a brand, new hydroelectric powerplant as of January 2001 adds to the income as well. See also the Fossane Energy homepage.